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Bored of these temporary people.

I have come too far to nurture relationships that make me feel like I am journeying backwards. -Alexandera Elle

Certain friendships are not deserving of my time nor energy any longer. I refuse to continue to hold on to people because I am afraid to be alone. Being alone doesn't make lonely, surrounding yourself with the wrong people makes you the loneliest.

I find relationships coming to an end and although we've out grown one another I feel guilty for not holding on. But what if the person is not willing to grow, change, evolve? Those with whom you journey with should make you feel safe, loved, and enough! It's been a tough pill to swallow realizing everyone can not journey with me. I am learning to let go and be okay with the shift change.

I have to put my space and my peace FIRST! I will no longer consume it with bad vibes. I vow to stop allowing "do overs" for people who mistreat me. I am going to go where I am CELEBRATED not tolerated! Its time to choose me after many failed attempts to hide who I truly was to accommodate unhealthy relationships. I am finding peace in letting go and moving on. I only have space and energy for those whom are truly meant for me. I welcome with open arms those who make me happy, feed my soul, and are genuine.

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