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Grand Opening Fei Vintage Apparel & Goods

If I could describe the weekend of Novemeber 3-4 in one word it would be: INSPIRATIONAL! Felicia M. F. your grand opening & fashion show was AMAZING! ❤️ Super dope! I loved every single minute. There was so much talent in one room. I never could’ve imagined meeting so many DOPE people. The models SLAYED! Diamond Dashe' can SANG, the girl is a bad mama jamma. 👠👯I’m literally obsessed with Linda Her Vang! Linda was one of the nicest people I’ve ever meet. 😍 And have you guys checked out Kyro TheArtist ?? Dude, is talented! I respect your craft. Downloaded you off of Apple and have been listening every since. 💯 I forgot to mention, little ol me won a raffle! Not just any raffle, I got to choose from one of Shady’s paintings 🎨 It’s hanging up in my house as we speak. This weekend radiated nothing but good vibes and great people. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT EVERYONE MENTIONED! Felicia you should be so proud! I’m so blessed to have meet you and call you friend ❤️ thank you so much for inviting me to Grand Opening Fei Vintage Apparel & Goods ❤️❤️

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