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I may have actually pulled off a whole entire book launch..

To know me is to know I enjoy writing and reading. I actually read more books than I watch tv. Writing has always been therapeutic to me: as a kid I wrote poetry, then I started this here blog, and now I have published a book. 7 months ago writing a book was just an idea. I knew I wanted to create some sort of journal to help women, but that's it. I sat down and wrote the very first manuscript June 6, 2017.

Now I know you are thinking June 2017, Adreeahna this is 2018 what took you so long? Let me just tell you I cried, gave up, and fired a whole lot of people along the way. After creating the manuscript I hired not one, not two, but three graphic designers. I just couldn't get anyone to bring my vision to life. You may not know but I created every single page. Yes, I illustrated and designed every page of I Am Alright With Me. Once the pages were complete I then hit another road block: the cover. I went back and forth about the cover, hired a few more graphic designers, painters, and illustrators but still nothing made me happy. I grew frustrated, felt defeated. For a long while, I walked away from the book found other projects. I even created a I Am Alright With Me Challenge, figured that was close enough to the book.

But somehow the book just kept coming back up. People would ask me "how's the book coming" "when can we expect the book" "are you still writing a book" Blah Blah Blah, right? lol. And then thing took a turn for the worse, I started to notice other authors publish books just like mine. At the point, I said "I don't even see the purpose in publishing mine" (My words EXACTLY!) Obviously, I said this to the wrong friend because she let me have it immediately.

Her words exactly : " I am going to say this again sis... but they don't want her. They want you! If you give up on what you're doing, think about those God has assigned to you. You'd be essentially leaving them hanging. We all have our own audiences and followers.Also, your current thought process is not going to serve you. You have to be able to see the vision even when no one else does. So, those thoughts of failing, fear, and insecurity should be questioned. Prime example, my journal won't sell because hers is better. Question that thought. Is that true? Do you know with absolute certainty that it's true? And the answer is Noooooo!!!! LOL... Your fear is speaking instead of your faith."

Ill be honest, I didn't listen to her right away. It took me about 5 months to get over myself. And really exercise my faith. January 16, 2018 I officially became a self published author on Amazon. And I told no one! I let the book sit on Amazon for about a week before I ever told anyone. And to my surprise as soon as I posted the link orders from all over the world began to flood in.

Fast forward to February 26, 2018 my very first book launch!! I won’t tell you I was shaking 80% of the night, and secretly I contemplated running out the back door. You see it wasn’t just nerves that got the best of me: it was the wide range of emotions that made it hard for me to hold it together. Happiness & joy to see so many people supporting. Grateful & humbling to have shared this moment with you all. I was touched by smiling faces with the book, feedback after the activities (others crying made me cry), the introduction speech was beautiful, and to hear everyone share affirmations with one another really just brought me to tears. I’m secretly still in shock: to have my dreams manifest into physical form is indescribable. Truly, from my heart to yours thank you so much! You all touched my heart. And eventually I’ll stop crying. Joy just continues to overwhelm me.

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