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Love Letters | Dear self, | Write a love letter to yourself.

Dear Self,

I see you! I believe in you girl. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. I know, I know you feel overlooked, unappreciated, and left out; but think of all the young women you are touching. All those ladies whom have purchased your book, read your blogs, and follow you on social media. You have more of an impact than you know. The things you are experiencing (work, family, friends, relationships,) will take you to places you never thought you get to. Pat yourself on the back, hold your head high, unimaginable things are soon to manifest. You are stronger than you ever thought you'd be. You are in a season of manifestation. Its time out for getting in your own way. Watch out world because you are blooming, becoming, you are taking off! I cant imagine what you have next in store. If only you could see yourself, find your joy, and embrace the process. Its been quite a journey, but your time has arrived. There's more to come but the strength you have gathered along the way will be everything. There will be those who doubt you but may you never let this stop you from getting where you are meant to be. You've come so far. Keep going! I am proud of you! I see you! I believe in you! You got yhis!

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