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Love Letters Anonymous | Dear self, | Write a love letter to yourself.

A very special thank you to the young lady who sent in her love letter to herself! I appreciate your transparency and vulnerability! | Write a love letter to yourself! Be featured on Actually, I Can, and don't worry you will be ANONYMOUS! Your letter might be the breakthrough someone else needs!

Dear self,

I hope you're doing okay! If not you got this and God got you. I have faith you'll be advancing in your career soon. You have so much potential! Girl, step out of that comfort zone, join some new organization, meet new people, get socialized. What are you waiting for? Don't let fear stop you from living your best life. . Practice your designs, and PRAY about. Pray, pray, pray! For goodness sake, travel by yourself (locally/ internationally) Really get to know me! Its time we discover new loves and really blossom. Stop living for your parent, they've had the chance to come into their lives, now live YOURS!! Become more active in your community, practice French, start practicing your makeup. Girl you've watched enough YouTube tutorials, JUST DO IT ALREADY! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Start that Youtube Channel, that Blog, that Instagram. What are you afraid of? Its a freaking social media site! Open up romantically, you're way too guarded. Become more emotionally available and express yourself. People need to know how they've hurt you. Now you know you said you'd get more involved in church? If you dont get your shit together! God has given you EVERYTHING! Oh and lastly, GET THIS MONEY, love yourself, be nice to yourself, and take care of yourself. I wish we talked more often! Remember Gods got you!

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