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Love Letters | Dear self, | Write a love letter to yourself.

A very special thank you to Vanessa Rrayy of Rediscovering Her Way who sent in her love letter to herself! I appreciate your transparency and vulnerability! Write a love letter to yourself and be featured on Actually, I Can! Your letter might be the breakthrough someone else needs!

Dear Self,

Wow! Look at you! I have to be honest with you. When you were younger I couldn’t even imagine your life the way it is right now. Hell, I didn’t even think you’d be alive for this long. Can you believe it? Eight years ago, you were so lost and didn’t even know it. The insecurities, the bad choices, and toxic environments…you made it through it all. You were ambitious though, you were hungry and you knew what you wanted, you just needed to believe it. The dreams that you thought were unrealistic are finally coming true. You’d fantasize everyday about this life remember? At fifteen, you thought college was impossible, now you have not one but two degrees. You thought that you’d never get out of the hood, you’d dream every night about moving someplace else. Now you have managed to pack up and move to a completely different state by yourself and created a home for yourself. So brave!

But…why are you still being so hard on yourself? Look at what you’ve accomplished so far. I know there is always room for improvement but take a moment and enjoy what you’ve cried rivers for. Take a moment and breathe. Enjoy the comfortable space that you have acquired. Think of the sacrifices you and others have made for you to be in the very spot you’re in right now. Don’t take that for granted. Yes, you can always do more and be more. But you’re only 25 years old; you have an entire life ahead of you to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do. Enjoy living in the moment and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’ve found your voice and you’ve created your own platform to share it with the world. 10 years ago, you would’ve laughed at the thought of it. Think of all the small steps you took to get to this point...they matter, never thing they don’t/ Small steps are BIG wins so treat them as such!

You don’t tell yourself this enough: I’m proud of you. I’m proud of your determination, I’m proud of your growth and I’m proud of your courage. Don’t compare yourself to others; stay focused on your own lane. Stay positive and don’t let others bring you down. You know who you are now! Don’t ever let others take that away from you again. Stay true to YOUR truth no matter what! Live your life the way YOU want to live it and if others judge you for it…then so what?! At least you’re happy right? Never again will you go to sleep at night not being happy with YOU.

Talk to you soon love,

Vanessa Rrayy

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