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Sip & Spine feat. Poet Chantel Massey Photo Diary

When I first heard of Chantel I just knew I had to have her on my podcast. When we meet up we talked for hours, I’d never met such a genuine soul who got me. I remember asking her where the heck were you when I was writing my book, I could’ve used a friend who understood the process. Yesterday, Sip & Spine was absolutely beautiful! Filled with poets that touched your heart and left you speechless. I connected with so many beautiful souls. Muffy Allen was total gem, her & I laughed as though we had friends forever [check out her blog she knows all the places in Indy] Bloggers totally get one another. Lol. Not so often do you see women supporting each other. Shavonne is totally my new homegirl. Her book Dating Daddy sparked conversations that should occur more often! Amazing day! Chantel thank you so much for the invite. & for signing my book! Lastly, a huge AWESOME-SAUSE to Tea Me’s Cafe the food and drinks were superb!

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