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Start Somewhere: the Podcast is now available on iHeart Radio!

Start Somewhere: the Podcast has been an amazing journey! When I first started out June 2018 in my living room with my good friend Cortney I wouldn't have imagined it manifest as such. Funny story, the episode with Cortney never aired lets just say audio was awful and well I had no clue how to edit. Over time season one began to take off, I meet so many amazing people, laughed, cried, and even hit a few road blocks. Season one of Start Somewhere: the Podcast was truly trial and error. I learned a lot of what to do and a whole lot of what NOT to do!

Season one ended abruptly, although I announced to my audience I would be back later for Season Two I knew in my head I was done. Behind the scenes Season One had taken a unforeseen circumstance, and I need time to evaluate my time management, marketing of the show, and logistics. In the process of taking a break from the podcast I wrote a book and focused solely on blogs. But somehow people knew me as Start Somewhere, no matter where I went people would say "When is the podcast coming back?" "Meet Adreeahna, she has a podcast" "Oh, I heard about you, you're the lady with the podcast" One young lady particularly (Kelah, The Polished Lady) would message me periodically "Hey Adreeahna, I would like to be on Start Somewhere: the Podcast" " Just checking in, any perspective dates for Season Two" and of course I would tell her I'd get back with her. She was truly a blessing and the push I need to continue on.

Once I finally made up in my mind that Start Somewhere: the Podcast was not at the end but just the beginning door started opening up and opportunities were an overflow. I just had to figure out how would Season Two be different? How could I reach a larger audience? What did I like about Season One? and what did I not like? Although its no longer a secret and I'm sure everyone already knows, it feel so good to be not only the host and founder but ALSO the producer of Start Somewhere: the Podcast. I now have full control of my show; no contract, no network, just me doing my own thing.

If it wasn't for the amazing cast of Season One Start Somewhere: the Podcast sharing their journeys there would be no Season Two. I am forever grateful for everyone who played a role in Season One. Season Two is blowing my mind everyday! Guest are traveling over 100 miles just to be on the show. As well as now Start Somewhere: the Podcast is aired on Apple, SoundCloud, and iHeart Radio. That's right, iHeart Radio! Start Somewhere the Podcast has gone radio! I couldn't be more excited. I cant wait to see the future endeavors of Start Somewhere: the Podcast.

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