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Its time to set some boundaries!

I am empty!

I have nothing left to give anyone else!

It's time I shift somethings around, set boundaries, step back, and pour into me!

If I am brutally honest, its been a tough pill to swallow realizing everyone isn't like me. Others just are not going to move in the world like I do, care like I do, nor show up for me like I do for them. Sometimes people are just wrapped up in their own lives, and that's ok.

I got to tell you, the truth hurts.

By nature, I have a huge heart and I just give, give, give. Its disheartening for me to learn over and over again that reciprocity isn't always offered even if I think it should be.

All the while I am giving, pouring, loving, showing up, and somehow I must accept that I may not get it back. (It's a work in progress)

I am learning, to be ok with what I am given and what I am not.

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