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Don't get in a habit of collecting red flags!

What's your deal breakers sis?

Physical appearance is cool. He has no kids, own place, and car even better! But can he communicate effectively? Apologize when wrong?

I have thrown the whole "dating to marry" idea in the trash! I am dating to learn; what kind of person I want to marry, what do I like, what do I not like, what will I accept, and what I will not accept. I will no longer idolize the preconceived notion of "he's the one." Every guy I date is not my husband, nor husband material. And although we may have went on a date, I am not committed you.

Serious first date question: how aware are you of your traumas, suppressed emotions and how are you actively working to heal, unlearn, and develop before you try to project them on me?

Dating gives the right to say, this is not serving me and walk away. Sis, you get to choose whats acceptable! A dozen red flags is NUMERO UNO to delete his telephone number and go on about your day.

Maybe you don't know your read flags. Grab a pen and paper lets get chat. (My red flags may not be yours!)

1. I will not accept any forms of physical abuse. Put your hands on me, and you have to go. (This is not up for discussion! I wont put my hands on you, and I dont care that it was an accident, YOU HAVE TO GO)

2. Yelling is not a form of healthy communication. We will speak to one another in a healthy manner.

3. Does your actions match your words?

4. Can you apologize when wrong?

5. Is honesty something you believe in?

6. I understand we are learning one another, however if I have communicated that said "behavior, actions, words" bother/ upset me, do you repeatedly do them?

7. We are dating, I am not your possession! I will not be told who to be friends with, where I can and cant go, what I can and can not wear. I will not "check in" with you every hour of the day, and explain my actions continuously.

8. How's your conversation?

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