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#wearesisters presented at Vincennes University

I am so humbly grateful to be had been blessed with the amazing opportunity to present #wearesisters at Vincennes University. #wearesisters was an event symbolizing the importance of sisterhood, women’s empowerment, and girl code. Not everyday does a UNIVERSITY call and ask you to present to their students for BOTH fall & spring semester. I can’t express how much joy I had creating & planning for this event.

The first 25 attendees received a free gift, my book! Literally brought tears to my eyes as they stood in line waiting to take pictures with little ol me.

A very very very special thank you to the women of Sister to Sister blessing me with the amazing opportunity to create & host #wearesisters at Vincennes University. #wearesisters was very important to me for multiple reasons. True authentic sister has lost its value, and girl code isn’t even discussed. I appreciate the opportunity to be vulnerable, and hopefully teach a valuable lesson. I appreciate the young women of Sister 2 Sister giving full creative control, to see every idea I had ( photo-both, tables, even the center pieces) come to life really brought tears to my eyes!

If you only knew where I first started, no more Dollar Tree, Target, and spending my whole check at Joann’s. Mom, I made it! Lol.

Be on the lookout for video footage of "A Letter to my Sister"

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