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What am I doing here, again? | How you leave matters.

What is the lesson connected to why I keep ending up here again and again?

I guess, it's time to admit I've been running, but somehow I keep ending up in the same "place" (i.e stressful job, toxic relationships, empty, and exhausted) over and over. I finally ask myself not why am I here, but "what is this teaching me?"

I left because I was afraid; afraid of rejection, not fitting in, not being fun anymore. I was insecure, running, and broken. So consumed in this never ending cycle, I thought I should leave.

I constantly asked myself, "am I ever going to be unstuck?"

Until I learned, how you leave matters!

It took a while to realize, you are not suppose to leave the same way you came in.

What am I suppose to be doing here?

Who am I suppose to be becoming? . . there's got to be a reason I am here again. There is something I am suppose to be taking away from this.

There is a lesson to learn as to why I went back in the first, second, well fifth place.

It never dawned on me that I should fix how I left. But instead, leave properly. Leave with strategy, integrity, my confidence back, knowledge, and tools.

This time I grasping on to the tools & strategies to beat this cycle, put an end to the limiting beliefs, depression, toxic traits, and generational curses.

This has to be the last time I show up this way again. Quite frankly, I don't want to keep returning here. Who I am suppose to be becoming is a result of this circumstance.

I am taking the steps to where I am suppose to be, and whom I am suppose to become so I dont show up how I use to! This time will be the last time I am oppressed this way again.

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