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Mental Health & Self-Care Downloads are now available!

I’m super excited to announce mental health & self care resources are now available for download at WWW.ACTUALLYICAN.NET/RESOURCES. Be on the lookout for freebies, ebooks, writing prompts, ect.

As many of you may know (some may not), I became Certified in Youth Mental Health back in January. Since then I’ve dedicated my time bringing awareness to family & friends. ⠀ Did you know between the ages of 15-24 someone commits suicide every 2 hours and 25 minutes, that’s someone’s sister, best friend, parent, spouse. ⠀ Not all wounds are visible, depression can look different for everyone. ⠀ Ultimately it’s time to start the conversation: How can I show up for you? How can I support you? What are the tools and resources needed to get you through this? ⠀ Your mental health is a priority! And it’s OK if healing takes longer than expected. ⠀ Just know I’m here to listen, talk to me.

Please download & share resources with your family & friends!

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