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#GALLONADAY water challenge begins June 1st | Won’t you join us?

Starting June 1st, I challenge you to drink a gallon of water EVERY day!

Let’s dedicate June to detoxing both mentally and physically. Drinking a gallon of water each day you’ll witness noticeable changes and differences in physical appearance, energy and more. In order to pull off drinking that much water, a couple things will have to happen: no worries I’ll encourage and help you along the way. (Modified challenge available for beginners!)

Top 10 benefits of drinking a gallon a day!

  1. Clear skin -toxins that cause inflammation and acne are flushed out of the body.

  2. More alert

  3. Weight loss- reduces hunger

  4. Less wrinkles- Dehydrated skin causes wrinkles, which will virtually disappear once the water balance is restored.

  5. Increase liver function- Water cleanses the blood and your body is able to perform this function much better when it gets enough fluids.

  6. Less muscle pain- Muscle and joint pain is often the result of consuming too little water.

  7. Improve memory- If the brain cells get enough water, they work more quickly and efficiently, meaning you will think more clearly and concentrate better.

  8. Better digestion- A healthy water balance keeps the digestive system in consistent momentum.

  9. Improved immune system- If your body is well hydrated, its defense mechanisms work much better.

  10. Improved mood-A lack of water in the brain and body cells is often the root cause behind headaches and bad moods.

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