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Never drank a gallon before? No worries, here's the modified challenge! | #GALLONADAY

Drinking a gallon a day may sound intimidating, it definitely was the first time I tried it out. But no worries, I’ve created a modified version just for you. Same benefits, same goal, remember self care isn’t one size fits all. Let’s dedicate June to detoxing both mentally and physically. Drinking a gallon of water you’ll witness noticeable changes and differences in physical appearance, energy and more. In order to pull off drinking that much water, a couple things will have to happen: no worries I’ll encourage and help you along the way.

Week one- the goal is to drink a gallon a day just ONE time.

Week two- drink a gallon of water THREE days this week.

Week three- We are kicking it up a notch! Drink a gallon FIVE days this week.

Week four- You got this, you’ve been preparing all month! Drink a gallon SEVEN days this week.

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