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Needs some flavor in your water? | How's the #gallonaday water challenge going?

June 1st we started the #gallonaday water challenge, (if you are just now joining us, everyday for the month of June we are drinking one gallon of water)how are things going? (One gallon, seems like a lot, no worries there's a modified challenge) You are probably going to the bathroom all hours of the night, eating less and snacking more, and you are probably thinking why in the heck did I let her talk me into this. (You'll thank me later, I promise!)

First and foremost, let me remind you of our goals:

  • Increased energy

  • Better digestion

  • Increased clarity and thought

  • More hydrated skin

  • Weight loss

  • Fewer headaches

  • Whiter teeth

  • Better concentration

But I hear you, I do so I figured what's better then switching things up a bit! Thats right, detox/ infused water recipes. Each recipe has its own benefits, be sure to check them out below.

Combine fruit, add water, and refrigerate overnight! Enjoy the next day! (I personally, like to freeze my fruit, keeps your water chilled throughout the day. Happy drinking!

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