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Book of Good Things! | What good thing has happened to you today?

Get a journal, title it "book of good things" and for the next 28 days write a good thing each day!

Start a "book of good things" journal! Everyday write down something good that has happened to you. We often get so flustered with waking up late for work, spilling our coffee, the jack*ss who cut us off, that we forget it is a blessing to just wake up. Rewire your brain to focus more on the positive aspects of your life and build up resilience against negative situations. "book of good things" journal just might change your mindset.

What good thing happened to you today?

Was it a "good morning" from your kids?

Did your partner kiss you goodbye?

Was it your reflection smiling back at you, like girl you made it another day?

Book of Good Things Challenge begins February 1st! Share your good things with the world, let's put positivity out there in the world. Don't forget to use the hashtag #bookofgoodthings, I want to celebrate with you!


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