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I am, Adreeahna Bree

Author. Blogger. motivational speaker. self care & self love advocate. youth mental health certified. 

I am the writer and creator of ACTUALLYICAN.NET. Actually, I Can develops strategies for young adults to enhance feelings of self-esteem, participate in self-care, and embark on a journey of positive mental health. I received my Youth Mental Health First Aid from the National Council for Behavioral Health in January of 2020. Since then I have devoted my time to end the stigma of Mental Health, and start the conversation of about suicide, depression, self esteem, and self love. Actually, I Can was created to eliminate the mindset of can't one person at a time.



1. I love to sing. I am in typically in full concert, dance moves ready, and completely off key. (I sound like a dying cat, lol) 

2. I long to live in another country for at least six months. (Belgium, Canada, or Spain will do)

3. I throughly enjoy traveling alone. Nothing like setting out on a good adventure discovering your way and spending time with yourself.

4. I am always down for a good adventure.(Skydiving, art shows, festivals, road trips, fairs,amusement parks)

5. I am a total foodie! Tell me a state and I can name a restaurant you must try. (Actually, I Can was originally a travel, food, and lifestyle blog where I shared my food escapades and newest adventures.) 

5 Random facts about me:

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