What is the lesson connected to why I keep ending up here again and again? 

I guess, it's time to admit I've been running, but somehow I keep ending up in the same "place" (i.e stressful job, toxic relationships, empty, and exhausted) over and over. I finally ask myself...

 Dear sister, ‭

I see you. I love you. I'm sorry. Sorry for the dirty looks I gave you. Sorry for the lies I told behind your back. I'm sorry I didn't show up for you. I admit I was jealous, a tad bit insecure, and maybe even a little envious. You see, I always wan...

I am so humbly grateful to be had been blessed with the amazing opportunity to present #wearesisters at Vincennes University. #wearesisters was an event symbolizing the importance of sisterhood, women’s empowerment, and girl code. Not everyday does a UNIVERSITY call a...

What's your deal breakers sis? 

Physical appearance is cool. He has no kids, own place, and car even better! But can he communicate effectively? Apologize when wrong?

I have thrown the whole "dating to marry" idea in the trash! I am dating to learn; what kind of person I...

You can't pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first! I know you've been wondering Adreeahna, where the heck have you been? It feels weird writing my first blog in over a year. I thought about just jumping back into the swing of things and just saying nothing,...

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