Tips for dealing with Seasonal depression

As the weather changes and the days grow darker, PLEASE remember to take care of your mental health. Seasonal depression is very real, and symptoms will likely be heightened by pandemic worries. Take a bath, read a book, have a spa day. Put yourself first, now more than ever 💕

5 signs of healing

Healing looks so good on you! ⠀
⠀One of the most beautiful parts of a healing journey, is seeing your self break several times and putting yourself back together using nothing but self love, prayer, and therapy. I knew I was healing when:⠀
-I started responding rather than reacting⠀
-I enjoyed time alone⠀
-I saw my parents as people with their own unresolved trauma⠀
-I began implementing boundaries⠀
-I was ok with being misunderstood⠀

Self-forgiveness has become one of my super powers! 

Sending a little extra love to:

As the holiday season approaches us, and everywhere you look there is a constant reminder of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and family remember this may be a difficult time for others. If you are struggling right now, I am thinking of you, praying for you, and wishing you the best! You can make it through this, I promise. Take care of yourself & understand you are not alone. For all of those struggling with their mental health this holiday season: I believe in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself. 

Did you know between the ages of 15-24 someone commits suicide every 2 hours and 25 minutes? that’s someone’s sister, best friend, parent, spouse.

Self Care for black people struggling with a painful week

I see you, I stand with you, I support you. Please, take care of your mental health! Rest & self care are so important during these times. Take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from an overflow. You can not serve from an empty vessel. 

I welcome abundance & wealth into my life 

If you want wealth: be wealth, talk about it, think about it. Prepare yourself to have it. Change how you think about wealth, talk about wealth. Repeat to yourself: Wealth, abundance, and financial stability are all things that come to me naturally.

Self love affirmations to say in the mirror every day:


Letting go of the things that no longer fit who you are.


Sunday-Saturday Self Care.


Supportive Bingo.


In case you need it, here are some alternatives to self harm.


Forgive yourself.


Nothing like a little self-care.

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