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doubt.. *10 things I tell myself daily.

I may have screenshot this picture from a client's Snapchat. However, the littlest thing can truly affect one's day. Right at this moment I was having a bad day. I had over heard a few older women discussing my class and teaching style and lets just say their comments weren't so pleasant. I began doubting my ability as an instructor and I just wanted to go home. Of course I stuck it out and after I finished teaching I packed up my things and went home not saying much to anyone. It was when I was home in bed, scrolling on social media I came across this post. I realized I was simply being too hard on myself and no one's opinion should become my truth. Instead I write my own truths (and I challenge you to do the same)

1. Let yourself be flawed!

2. Stay patient; just because you took longer than others doesn't mean you failed.

3. Why aren't you smiling?

4. I am, enough!

5. Allow understanding between where I am and where I want to be.

6. Patience & peace during the process.

7. Invest in yourself, your passions.

8. Step forward into growth, or step backwards into safety. (read on a bathroom stall)

9. LEAVE what is not healthy; people, jobs, own beliefs


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