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finding my niche. .

You know they say after college you'll work your dream job, move into your first home, start a family, and live happily ever after. Not so much! Truth be told, no one has it all figured out. Throughout college I just knew I was going to work in major/ minor league baseball. And after college I did just that! And let me just tell you I was in for a major wake up call. All I can say is not what I expected! Although I am forever grateful for the experience I had it just wasn't what I had hoped for. After the season was over I moved back home to Indiana and moved back in with my parents.

Truth be told, I felt like I failed. I was so down on myself for moving back home, and not exceeding at my dream job. I wonder what the heck am I going to do with my life now, I had never imagined working anywhere else. Long story short I ended up taking a minimum wage job just to get by. I got to tell you, life sucked! I knew I was college educated and could not believe I was having to accept a $7.55 an our job. I made up in my mind this was transitional phase and I refused to allow this to be my life. I remember after starting my new job I use to always complain that I was broke. My mom use to say, "watch what you speak over your life." Our thought are the most powerful tools we've got.

Months went by and eventually I got a raise. After receiving my raise, I was excited. But that just wasn't enough, I needed more. The opportunity was later presented to me to become a certified cycling instructor. I had only attend a few cycling class; however, I had experienced teaching group exercise classes in college and I enjoyed it.

I figured why not try something new. Let me just tell you, I loved it. Being able to instruct my own class gave me joy. I taught cycling for about 2 months, and shortly after I longed for more. I enjoyed teaching and wanted to expand my knowledge. I then invested in becoming a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through ACE (American Council on Exercise). With my Group Fitness Certification my opportunities are endless. I launched my very own class October 6, in addition to my cycling class. I am starting to find my niche...

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