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What I am leaving in 2016:

One sided relationships: it's time to end nurturing relationships that do not serve me growth. I will not continue to check on people who don't check on me. I give and I give and in return I am left empty handed. It is time for me to put myself first. I've taught others that I come second and that is NOT okay.

Settling: I will not settle in relationships, jobs, nor my goals. It's time I reach for my fullest potential. I am tired of regretting chances I did not take. It's no longer alright to settle for okay relationships, okay jobs, or an okay life. Okay can no longer be comfortable. Okay does not provide me with the thrill and passion I desire.

Being apologetic: I am who I am. I am alright with me. And I will not diminish myself to make others feel whole. I will no longer continue to apologize for who I am, nor the decisions I choose to make. I am learning to say no without explaining myself. I will not apologize for evolving past someone else's comfort zone! I no longer require validation from others!

Being broke: THIS IS MY LAST YEAR BEING BROKE! I am claiming financial freedom! In 2017 it is time for wise decisions. I am getting out of debt, creating a budget, planning for my future, and regaining control over my finances. I will no longer live pay check to pay check. I am done paying the minimum balances on my bills. I vow to make good decisions and change my financial habits. I will not feel free until I am debt-free.

Limiting beliefs: I want to make a change. The truth is that I fell stuck in the lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, I've lost my determination to dream and dream big. I find that I have become a scaredy-cat, diminished my self-esteem, lost productivity and decreased my success. Limiting beliefs have got to go! There is no more 'I can not persue my dreams because what if I fail' nor not asking for what I want because I am afraid of rejection. I am saying goodbye to, "I can not do "this" because of. . ."

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