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She distanced herself, to save herself.

I want to remain focused; focused on my dreams, my health, wealth, friends, and family. It's time I put my phone down and spend more quality time with loved ones. I am saying no more to unwanted relationships. No more missing out on birthdays and special events because I have to work. I am taking an effort to make time for the ones I love. I am keeping my friends and family close and dodging those that are toxic to my life.

I am learning how to discipline myself. Discipline my money and time. I have spent far too much time wanting more. I need to be more appreciative of what I do have. I am getting rid of the mentality of "lack." No more worrying. I vow to spend a few minute a day writing out things that I am grateful for. I am shaking off doubt and saying goodbyes to fear. *Fear and worry are the great robbery of abundant living. -Steve Harvey

No more being complacent! I am tired of being wrapped up in work, sleep, eat, and repeat. I want to invest in my passions. This time I am going to put in the hours. I am going to cultivate, nurture, and give my dreams room to grow. I am strengthening my craft! I am setting daily goals, and pursuing my dreams.

No more hitting the snooze button. I am waking up early and enjoying all that the day has to offer. I want to spend my morning in quiet with me and God. Finding time for meditation, writing, and some quiet reading. No more getting out of bed late, rushing to get ready, missing breakfast, and being a grouch for the rest of the day.

My space and my peace is sacred. I will no longer consume it with bad vibes. I am walking away from drama. No more he say/ she said talk. It's farewell to social circles that no longer serve me growth.

My life walk is captivating! It's time I focus on myself.

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