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I quit my dream job!

For those who know me, working in Major/ Minor League Baseball was ALWAYS a dream of mine. And most know I did just that! After college I moved away, and got my dream job. But you see that wasn't the entire story.

In college I studied Kinesiology with a minor in Sports Management. I just knew after college I was going to work in the big leagues. You see through out college and high school I always worked closely with sports team. From being student Athletic Trainer in high school to practicum and clinical hours through out college. I had prepared for this.

Two months exactly after college, I had received an email saying, " Thanks for your interest in our team. Would you be able to hold a phone interview?" Let me tell you I jumped for joy. Beyond excited of course I took the interview. TWO DAYS after the phone interview I received another email stating," Thank you so much for taking the time to interview for the Hospitality Management position with the ________. ( I will leave the name of the team anonymous) We were impressed with your skills set and have decided to offer you a job for the 2015 season. Congratulations!" Yall I had FINALLY made it! I was a big girl! With a big girl job! My dream job, you couldn't tell me nothing! The season began in May so I had about two months to pack up my life, move to a city where I knew no one, and start my "adult" life for once and for all. I was on cloud nine honey! My parents and I flew out saw my new office, found me an apartment, and explored my new city.

May rolled around I had moved all in, and started work at my new job. At first I was on an all time high. From meeting people all over the world, exploring a new city, and finally working in baseball. Preparing for Baseball season was no joke, long hours, working outside, and a thousands of things needed to get the park ready.

Let me just tell you I was in for a major wake up call. All I can say is not what I expected! I was in a situation that no amount of money would have kept me. You see while working there the team paid for everything. My living expenses, food, etc. You would think I would be awesome-sauce. Not the case. There were parts of my job that left me feeling really uncomfortable. There was only two African Americans on our staff. We both were also women. In multiple interactions my morals were tested. I was treated differently because of my race and gender. I was in a situation were I was not valued, nor respected. I had to make the decision if I was going to stay or leave. I am a firm believer that if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. I knew one thing for certain and that was the difference between right and wrong. And what was happening to me was wrong! In that moment I left. I meet with CEO addressed my concerns and turned in my letter of resignation.

Although I am forever grateful for the experience I had it just wasn't what I had hoped for. I had no intentions of ever sharing what I experienced. And most people assume I still live away. But I have come to realize my voice matters! And so does yours!

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