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Traveling alone

I know, I know you think I am crazy. But I tell you, at least once in your lifetime you have to travel by yourself. And to answer your question, no its not scary. I find excitement in doing something I have never done before, going somewhere I have never been. For once I can reflect on life and enjoy my own company.

Traveling alone you have no choice but to figure it out; figure out where you are going to stay, eat, and do. And of course you are saying, but I won't know anyone. However when you are alone, you make friends, talk to strangers, and step outside your comfort zone. I tell you I have had some of the most authentic, deep, and personal conversations with complete strangers. Everyone is not out to get you, and you would be surprised how much you learn about yourself and others if you just have a conversation. I often surprise myself by the new interests I develop when I’m traveling or the way I interact with strangers differently than I would when I’m home. Some of closest friends are from when I decided to travel alone. Not to mention I now have friends all over the world, and will forever have a place to visit.

Traveling alone gives you freedom. You can sleep in as late as you choose, go wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do. I began traveling alone when I got tired of waiting around for everyone else. I no longer had to push back my trip because of anyone else's work schedule, finances, or interest. I am doing what I want to do, when I want to do it, and going where ever I choose to go. I am no longer sitting around waiting for other just to live my life.

Traveling alone is empowering. I finally found who I was! I learned what I did and did not like. I had become my own friend. I experience the world without the influences of others. The best travel companion I have is myself. Nothing makes me feel more confident or capable than conquering the world on my own.

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