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20 things I've never said. .

Recently, I came across a book titled "I am Nobody's Nigger" by Dean Atta. One of the very first poems was called Forty Things I've Never Said. In this poem the author describes things he had never said out loud. I began to think of things I was too afraid to say. What things have a pushed deep down inside? Reading this poem I found myself emotional because I too have suppressed my thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I sat down and came up with a list too.

1. You're doing just fine

2. Just because you took longer than others doesn't mean you failed

3. Wisconsin wasn't your timing; you have still accomplished a lot

4. I have no idea what I am doing

5. Stop settling, you DESERVE better

6. You are worthy of healthy friendships/ relationships

7. I am tired of picking up after you

8. I wish you never left me; I still long for that sister relationship

9. I'm proud of you

10. I believe in you

11. Its not the end of the world

12. Lighten up!

13.You can do this

14. I hope she breaks your heart

15. Let yourself be flawed

16.You do not know me as well as you think you do

17. I am enough

18. I'm afraid

19. I miss you

20. My happiness matters

I challenge you to take some time alone and do the same. You'd be surprise the thoughts, feelings, and experiences you have not faced. Afterwards, you may even feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

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