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On the Journey to Minimalism

Over the past weekend I watched the documentary titled, " Minimalism" I know, I know you're thinking documentary really? But let me tell you, very informative! As I watched this documentary I began to take notes, and really evaluate my life.

For those wondering, Minimalism is the concept of less: less stuff, clutter, stress, debt, and discontent.

However, why is that us as Americans long for more? We are wired to be dissatisfied. We are filling the emptiness inside of us with stuff also known as consumer purchases. Sadly, we are spending money faster than earning it. Truth be told we are living paycheck to paycheck. Living for a paycheck, living for stuff. We have developed a mentality of getting a promotion (earning more money), to buy a better house/car, to purchase more expensive expensive things. Why is it that we define success as making more money? We think we have to live out the American Dream. But what if that lifestyle doesn't fit you?

I can only speak for myself but I do not want to work my entire life instead I want to enjoy a life and work here and there. For me personally I want more: more time and more meaningful relationships. Truth be told, I don't need more stuff. I want to wake up in the morning and spend the day however I see fit. There has to be more to life than bills, money, and work. I will no longer be trapped by money.

Of course letting go is going to be process, but its needed. I am first starting with my closet, I will not begin to tell you how many shirts, skirts, and pants I haven't wore in months. I mean realistically does a girl really need 5 different coats? Lets not even discuss how many items have tags still left on them. Afterwards, I am tackling my finances. I was utterly disgusted with myself when I saw how much money I spent eating out in just one month.

A friend of mine just challenged me to very strict budget. They say it takes 21 days to break a a habit. For the next month (so 30 days) I must stick to essential needs only. There will be no eating out, purchasing of clothes, or Starbucks. I am leaving my cards at a home. And giving myself a 20 dollar allowance a week to spend however. Of course, I will can buy the essentials: groceries, gas, toilet paper, ect. From this point forward I am following up every purchase with the question "Does this add value to my life?"

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