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Stop saying yes to the shit you hate!

I am a sucker for saying yes. I am learning to say no and realizing that my voice is valuable.

I am tired of biting my tongue because I am afraid I will say something wrong. I am speaking my truth, even if my voice shakes. For once, I will be intentional about what I do and what I do not do.

I no longer want to do anything I do not want to do. I do not want to hang out with people I do not want to hang out with. I find myself in social circles bored crazy wondering why in the heck I left the house but I was too hesitant to say I didn't want to go. I am done exposing myself around things I don't want to be around. I am tired of being a yes man.

It's time I take back my power. I don't want anyone to tell me how to dress, where to live, what to do with my time. I want to be in control! I am tired of living up to everyone else's standards. I am done letting other's get in my way. Worrying about ‘failing’ at meeting my parents, families, and various boyfriend’s expectations. No longer will my expectations be based on what I thought others expected of me.

You wonder why you’re everyone’s doormat. You wonder, “Why does everyone expect so much of me? Sadly, I have thrown myself at the mercy of others to validate my self-worth. I’m also coming to realize that focusing on what others want has robbed me of my own identity.

When you know where you want to go, you'll start saying no to certain friends, obligations, opportunities, certain emails that don't contribute to your vision. I am done wasting my time and energy.

I can best serve myself and others by giving myself what I need.

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