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Sundays are for adventures.

Sundays are for laughter, connecting with friends, and capturing moments.

I have grown tired of just the usual work, eat, and sleep. I want to live a life with intention. I am no longer complaining about not doing anything or not having any friends. Instead I am going to create the life I want.

Sunday morning I pondered in bed, wondering what I was going to get myself into. It had been a long week and all I knew was a drink sounded awesome-sauce! Went through my phone and called a few home-girls, I knew someone would be down for mimosas & brunch. Not to long ago I was introduced to a cute little restaurant in the Broad Ripple area by the name of Good Morning Mamas. I was told they had good drinks and pretty good breakfast. I googled it and sent out the address to my friends. When first pulling up I realized the parking lot was PACKED. In retrospect a packed parking lot means the food has to be good, right? Although the restaurant closed at 2, surprisingly enough they were still allowing people in after 1:30. Our wait was no longer than 10 minutes. Once we sat down and looked over the menu I have to admit totally affordable. We ordered a bottle of champagne and got right to eating. I must say my french toast were to die for.

After brunch, I took a stroll through the record store. In case anyone was wondering I would love a record player for my birthday (May 30) As I began to look through the vinyls I came across The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, TOTAL CLASSIC. For those who don't know me Lauryn Hill is literally one of my top favorite artist. It's something that moment you buy your first vinyl.

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