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"I'll do it later"

"I'll do it later" Honey, BYE! We all know later never comes. Its either now, or never!

No more talking about it, let's see some action. You should be tired of talking, and at a place of of doing. The reason you don't have what you want (weight lost, degree, business, better job) is because everyday you live with the excuse of later. " You'll make the phone call later, you'll send the email later, you'll go to gym later." Break it up in manageable pieces, but no more defeat. NO MORE LATER!

Once you change your vocabulary then and only then can you change your success. Language matters. The right words can either motivate you or allow you to stay right where you are. It's time to let go the concept of "later" and grasp the concept of "right now" Whatever it is just start it. It’s amazing how things just get moving when you take the first step. Even if you can’t complete something in one day, just begin the process and start working at it. Take the leap. Later is unhealthy and later is crippling.

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