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I had a Saturday off, can you believe it?

You read correctly, I had a Saturday off! Working a full-time job, managing a business & podcast, not to mentioning teaching classes my life can be quite hectic. However this week really kicked my butt! I'll be honest I had a few nervous break downs, I probably cried twice this week, in addition to receiving some not so great news.

You see there is more to my life then what you see on social media, I am more than just Adreeahna: the coach, the CEO, host of Start Somewhere: the Podcast. In a week of unfortunate events I found time to spend with friends and be myself the "real" Adreeahna.

Contrary to popular belief, the "real" Adreeahna can't sing and loves to sing at the top of her lungs. (Although I sound like a dying cat.) I pretend to be Beyonce on a regular, I break out in full concert mode often. I enjoy laughing until I cry, silly faces, and finding random murals in my city and having a photo shoot.

I am appreciative for friends who let me just who I am. They participate in all my silly adventures, and even hype me up. Life was meant for good friends and great adventures. No one asked me about work, what was up next, we didn't talk about logos & websites.

A day on the town was so needed! I checked Handle Bar Indy off of my bucket list, was LIT by noon, and even discovered some pretty cool bars, restaurants, and murals in Indy.

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