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When nothing goes right. . Go workout.

Contrary to social media and the constant smile I too experience life! I know you are thinking no way not Actually, I Can, she's so positive, and always happy. Honey, let me tell you my heartaches, I cry more than the average person, and well most days I prefer to be alone. To most it seems I have it all figured out: I am successful, I just published a book, host & founded my own podcast. But understand I have no idea what I am doing. Everything I know is because of trial and error. I have learned that if you try something out and it doesn't work, that's okay. If it works, great! If it doesn't, even better, I've learned something. Either I win or I learn. If it isn't the "the thing"it will lead to "the thing" Sometimes in doing what doesn't work has lead me to something that I didn't even know was really the purpose all along. And when all else fails, I go to the gym. When I am tired of trying, overwhelmed with life, mind racing a mile a minute I put head phones on, and get to it. Although life has seemed to kick my rear lately one thing I know for sure is either you run the day or the day runs you. I've decided to get back in the gym with a trainer and workout everyday before work. Every morning I wake up and tell myself I can do this! They say women do not cut their hair and eat ice cream when they are sad anymore, but instead we boss up, buy a new wardrobe, and workout. You thought I was successful now, you have no idea how my best is yet to come!

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