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December 17, 2017: Write a letter to your future self. | Three months later. .

Dear Adreeahna,

"I believe in you! You are going to accomplish great things! By now you should be an author, podcast host, and hopefully kicking ass! I pray for you often, I hope that you have found the love you deserve (SELF LOVE) You are worthy of loving connections, a multitude of business opportunities, healthy relationships, and blessings upon blessings. Networking will be your greatest resource, treat people well. I hope you've gotten rid of the spirit of defeat, don't your ass throw another idea in the trash! Get out of your own way! You have a unique and divine purpose. By now your ideas should be manifested BEYOND the pages in your journal. Adreeahna, be kind to yourself! Kick ass, and let nothing/ anyone get in your way. You are essential! I am so proud of you!" 12/17/17

As I read this letter I bawled! There is power in your voice! EVERYTHING I spoke over myself 3 moths ago came to fruition . You see as silly as it sounds writing letters/ speaking over yourself can be the healing you need. Far to often we don't speak to kindly to ourselves and circumstances. But if you just speak it out loud, write it down ,and make it plain everything you thought you ever wanted will be yours. Call me crazy but I talk to me often, " Adreeahna, I am proud of you"" Youre doing great" "You got this" There's beauty in your voice! Claim what is yours, and encourage yourself!

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